...her passion, our passion!


Camila is 17 years old and has suffered two lung transplantments. Her breathing capacity is only 40%.  Her life has been a continuous struggle for breathing, including two moments when she was about to die.  She has spent many hours, days, months in hospitals, having much time to think... and to listen to music, her true passion.  Although she has never pursued a musical education, she has developped an incredible talent in creating tunes and lyrics.  And most importantly, she always says singing helps her breathe better.


Issuing CHANCE EP (her chosen artist name) will fill her soul in a very special way.  She knows she won't live as long as she'd like to, so it is very important for her to be able to leave some of her talent captured on an album.


Albert, Luis and Monica have joined hands to help her produce her album, by setting up the CHANCE Project.




LO PUEDO CONSEGUIR Music video directed by Joan Riedweg