Working Team



CHANCE Project Base Team:

- Chance (Camila Vargas): Singer and Songwriter.
- Luis Morate: Harmonization, Arrangements & Musical Production.
- Monica Sans: Project Director, Production and Vocal Arrangements.
- Albert Bosch: Project Financing Control and Management of the "Promoting Partners" Participations.

Other project collaborators are: Joan Riedweg on video production and direction, Eduardo Amblar (Amblar Studio) on voice recording, and many others.




Although September 15th 2010 remains very distant now, we would like to thank again all the people who displayed their selfless help to make that show possible:

- Monica Sans, original idea and production of the show, singer on Seven Summits and One Dream songs, production and vocals recording on Lo Puedo Conseguir (I can achieve it).

- Luis Morate, Lo Puedo Conseguir arrangement, instrumental recording on the song and guitarist on Seven Summits And One Dream.
- Susie Kellerman, choreography creation,
art director and dancer on the show.
- Zero Group, Luis Morate's musical group, with Jesus, David, Angel, Chema and Susana; coming from Madrid on purpose to play in Barcelona.
- Lang-5 Group, Monica Sans' group, with Dani Forcada on percussion and Doni de Moya on guitar.
- Xavi Gomez, sound technician who went to Camila's place with his laptop-studio, since she couldn't go to the studio due to the oxygen.
- Lluis Rivera, concert video-footage recording (featured in  Albert Bosch South Pole documentary).
- Quim Farrero, concert photos.
- Susana Castro, poster, concert tickets and CD cover design.
- Xavi Ferrer and all the technical team at Luz de Gas, always working at their best to make everything perfect.
- Ferran Latorre, for taking care of the audiovisuals during the concert.
- Ivan Bouchain, tap dancer who opened the show.
- Raquel Sans, invited to sing with her sisters Cristina and Monica.
- Santi Millan, host of the show.
- Marina Portabella and Fede Sardà, because without them the Luz de Gas concert would have not been impossible.