Who is Chance?


Chance is the name Camila Vargas has chosen to develop her artistic career. She was always very certain about this name, both because of its meaning and of its sound. She was also surprised no other artist had chosen it, so this was one further reason to use it. Chance is currently 17 years old, but she loves singing and writing songs since a very early age. During spring 2011 she underwent her second lung transplant. She overcame the operation with great success and since that moment she is increasingly feeling stronger to keep singing and composing. Expressing herself through music has always been a source of constant motivation and self-improvement.

After SEVEN SUMMITS AND ONE DREAM, Chance, Monica and Luis continued working together on many other songs, and ended up by getting to be a solid team. But there was always the same problem coming up: the lack of funding, and thus the slowing of the process. During this time Albert Bosch never left the team: acting as a best man of the project, he was slowly reflecting on the best way to find funding.

Finally, in fall 2011 there was a turning point in this story:

Albert Bosch was in Antarctica, totally devoted to his solo expedition to the South Pole. He had plenty of time to think there and, thanks to the inspiration of the magical southern lands, he found the solution: he committed himself openly (for not being able to pull back! ;-) to get funding for the CD. And he did it so intensely, that he even proposed it as one of his major projects for 2012. This is the chronicle of that day: http://www.albertbosch.info/en/minisite/29/240/

And that's how this multidisciplinary team have challenged themselves to editing a CD/EP for 2012. The result will certainly be filled with positivity and high spirits, unmistakable feature of Camila's personality. It will be an opportunity to experience somebody's feelings firsthand: a person who hasn't had an easy life and who is able to convey these emotions into songs. That's why this project becomes an original idea, a life-inspiring motto and an emotionally satisfying job for everyone involved in it.