How to Participate?


How can you become a "Promoting Partner"?

- There is a minimum contribution of 100 € per person or entity.  Maximum contributions are not established.
- The desired contribution amount must be deposited directly into the following account (
La Caixa): 2100 0888 17 0200384815, indicating contributing person or entity full name.
- E-mail us proof of payment to: 

- The contributing person or entity will receive a receipt as proof of the deposited ammount.
- Upon completion of the
'crowdfunding' process, final information will be sent, recording the total investment made by the group and the participation percentage that corresponds to each one.
- The 'Promoting Partner' will be informed of every project's phase and of any relevant financial information.

What do the "Promoting Partners" get out of this Project?

Everyone doing a contribution as a "Promoting Partner" shall have the following rights:

- Free receiving of 1 dedicated CD/DVD for each minimum contribution, plus one more per 100€ of additional contributions.
- Appearance on both video and CD/DVD credits (unless they wish to remain anonymous).
- Priority Invitation to the Official Presentation of the Disc (and availability of a certain number of invitations, to be at their disposal).

- If they wish, they can attend the video shooting.
- They may use the project image in different of their graphic elements (websites, documents, files, etc..), always under minimal regulation which will be established forward on.
- They will have all the economic rights as "Promoting Partners" of the project. This means that they will participate of this "Promoter" figure in their respective percentage proportion as their contribution to the total budget. The "Promoter" will get 40% fo author's copyrights and 60% of commercial royalties of the project.

Other Forms of Participation

Apart from "Promoter Partner" figure, it is also contemplated to participate under the figure of:

- Sponsor: financial contribution or in species, in exchange for an image agreement and communication (to be coordinated specifically).

- Patron: Disinterested contribution, which will entitle the same rights as a "Promoting Partner", except for economic rights participation.

- Collaborator: Similar to the Sponsor figure, it will provide work or something in species, in exchange for a specific agreement to be determined.