How did it all begin?



During spring 2010 Albert Bosch was getting ready to leave for Everest expedition. Short before leaving, he met Camila Vargas through his dentist's nurse who worked at ANIMA Foundation. Camila was 14 at that time and was in the ICU waiting for a second lung transplant, since her first transplant was being rejected due to pneumonia. Her condition was serious, but even so, when Albert went to see her, Camila snagged him with her positive energy and her passion for music. So, they made a deal: Albert had to summit and Camila should recover and leave the hospital. If these two things were fulfilled, Camila would dedicate a song to Albert.

A few days later Albert was already on trip and a group of friends accompanied him on the trek to Everest Base Camp. Among these friends there was Monica Sans, singer and passionate about music. Albert quickly explained the story to her, to see if they could do something about Camila's song, and Monica commited herself to visit Camila once she'd be back to Barcelona.

Parallel to this, if Albert did summit, Monica had encouraged herself to organize a Party-Show at Luz de Gas, to celebrate the completion of Albert's project: the Seven Summits.

Thereafter, all these events were successfully chained: Camila got better and left the hospital, Monica went to see her and was delighted with her song, Luis Morate (composer and arranger) agreed to do the song's arrangement and also to come from Madrid to liven up the party with his group, and the party was prepared with great dedication by Susie Kellerman (choreographer and dancer) and Monica Sans (singer and producer).

SEVEN SUMMITS AND ONE DREAM was the chosen name for the show, since the two projects were
perfectly defined in one sentence: that of Albert and Camila. Seven songs in different languages were representing the seven continents where each summit stands, and seven dancing and video transitions represented the different stages in each expedition: motivation, preparation, travel, climbing, summiting, etc ...  Eventually, Camila's song would be closing the show, with a special choreography for that occasion, and it would represent the fulfillment of her dream: recording her first song on a CD and presenting it to an audience at Luz de Gas. The show entry ticket-donation was used to pay the concert organization expenses and the making of several CDs with "Lo Puedo Conseguir" (I can achieve it) song.

This show wouldn't have been possible without the selfless participation of many people who were caught by Camila's positivism, and who are named at the Working Team section.