Project Objectives


What do we do? 

Our goal is to produce an E.L.P. (Extended Long Play, a 5-6 songs disc) and a VIDEO for Chance (Camila Vargas' stage name).



How do we do it?


We will achieve this by sharing the "Promoter" figure with all persons, companies or institutions wishing to participate in the project. This means that they will be "partners" in the same proportion that their contribution.

This is no solidarity project, neither a charity contribution. This is an adventure in which we can all take part, sharing enthusiasm and positive energy, and where the aim is to recover the investment and, why not, also to make money if everything goes well.

Why do we do it?

Because Chance has much talent as a singer and songwriter, and because she represents very powerful values of personal growth and living enthusiasm, with a strong will to pursue her dreams and turn them into projects, despite her circumstances may be very complex.

She has suffered two lung transplantments. Despite this, and despite having spent much of her life surrounded by critical risks to her health status, she has never wanted to give up fighting to make her vocation as a singer and songwriter come true.

A clear example showing us that we cannot always control the circumstances
in our lives, but we can surely control our attitude to deal with these circumstances.



Economic Objectives

For the project completion of the project, we need to cover a minimum budget of 31.500Eur, which will be allocated to various items such as song's arrangements and recording, video production, making of 1000CD's/DVD's, promotional & commercial agreements and various other administrative expenses.